The Wedding Connection



WE TAKE YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY PERSONALLY...You won't have to write your own personal wedding ceremony. We can help you avoid impersonal pre-packaged ceremonies. We will provide you with the material to create your own with our guidance. We reach out to couples of mixed backgrounds and will include your particular traditions in the ceremony. We provide creative, personalized, non-religious, inter- and multi-cultural ceremonies. Skilled in including rituals, traditions and symbols from varied backgrounds, our ceremonies are inclusive and egalitarian. We can also arrange co-officiated ceremonies with clergy from different religious traditions.

Birth Celebrations

WE TAKE THE ARRIVAL OF YOUR NEW CHILD PERSONALLY...Celebrate the birth or adoption of your new child and welcome her or her into your family and the human family, even if you do not belong to a religious community. A birth celebration and baby welcoming ceremony is a humanistic alternative to a religious ceremony such as baptism or a bris. Birth celebrations seek to honor the heritage of the child and the names they are given. The ceremony welcomes the child, celebrates her or his family and cultural connections and honors significant people in their lives.