5.  My mother, my friends and I are all very organized and creative. Why would I need a wedding planner, coordinator or anyone else to help me with my wedding? What does the bridal consultant really do?

      Hiring a professional to coordinate your wedding frees you, your parents and your guests from “working” on your special day. One of the             most emotional reasons for hiring a bridal consultant we ever heard was from a new consultant who went into the wedding business after           her own mother died shortly after her wedding. In reflecting back on that day, the bride realized that her mother spent the entire wedding       day answering questions and making sure that everything was going as planned. She was never able to relax and enjoy her daughter’s                 wedding. Bridal consultants free you, your family and friend to enjoy the wedding without having to worry about the details. We are always       told after the wedding day that hiring a consultant was worth the money.

6.  We are an interracial, LGBTQ, interfaith, intercultural couple. Will you marry us? Can the Wedding Connection help us create a ceremony that reflects us and our families?

     We will absolutely officiate your wedding. Our only requirement is that you love one another. The Wedding Connection embraces your right      to choose your marriage partner based on your love for one another. We celebrate your choice fully and without reservation and can do so        with great sensitivity and joy. We will help you include just the right words, rituals or traditions from your backgrounds of origin or your life     circumstances and incorporate them into your ceremony. Each partner and family is included and fully respected. Miriam Jerris will also             participate in co-officiated ceremonies with other clergy as a rabbi.

7.  One or both of us has been married before and have children from our previous wedding. Can you provide a blended family wedding ceremony?

     We have developed a number of ways to include children from prior marriage in order to create a blended family wedding ceremony. We will      work with you to find the best way to incorporate your children into the ceremony consistent with your family circumstances and your              desires.

8.  What role does the wedding officiant play in the rehearsal? Do they attend?

      The purpose of the rehearsal is to practice the logistics of the wedding ceremony. The officiant need not preside over the rehearsal. The          officiant at the Wedding Connection will provide a completed ceremony to you prior to the rehearsal and will review the logistics with you        at your last in-person meeting or on the telephone. We will prepare a typed copy of the processional and recessional and any ceremonial          elements that include participation from others or special ritual items. Either the bridal consultant at your venue, an outside consultant or      family member or friend would be able to preside over the rehearsal. In addition, Stephen Stawicki, The Wedding Connection wedding               planner can attend and manage a wedding rehearsal for a ceremony being officiated by Miriam Jerris or one that he is performing for a               modest additional fee.

9.  We have been successfully married for a number of years and want to celebrate with a renewal ceremony. Do you provide this type of service?

     The Wedding Connection will happily participate in a vow renewal ceremony. Whether you have been married for five, twenty-five, fifty or        any number of years between or if you were recently married without family and friends in attendance, we will help you create a ceremony        appropriate for your situation.

10. We see that the Wedding Connection offers both wedding officiants and planners. Can we hire the officiant and the planner separately or do we need to hire you together?

      You can engage either or both the wedding officiant and the wedding planner. We will happily work together or independently. We want to       meet your needs.

11. What happens if the wedding officiant gets sick or is already engaged for another ceremony?

       Both Miriam and Stephen are legally entitled to officiate wedding ceremonies. In addition, we have a network of certified individuals that         we can call upon in an emergency or as an alternative. One advantage of the way we work is that a ceremony is shared with the couple prior       to the wedding day and the Wedding Connection also has one that can be sent to an alternate officiant if the need arises. In almost thirty         years, Miriam Jerris has never missed a wedding ceremony nor has she had to find a substitute. Mr. Stawicki also has perfect attendance.

12. Do you just participate in wedding events or do you offer other services as well?

      Miriam Jerris also will ceremonially celebrate the birth or adoption of a child or honor the memory of a loved one who has died through             special ceremonies designed for these important life moments. Birth Celebrations including Baby Welcoming and Naming Ceremonies and        Celebration of Life Funerals and Memorials are available. These ceremonies also reflect the philosophy of Humanism and are consistent with      a human-centered focus.

Thank you for your interest in The Wedding Connection and our work. We would love to be part of your special day.

FAQ's Continued